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Empire of Storms

Hi Guys,

Are you sick of reading reviews about Empire of Storms yet? Well get ready for one more!

Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas picks up where we left off in Book 4 of the Throne of Glass series. Aelin and her court have gone through trial after trial in the hopes of regaining her throne and saving the world from the darkness that threatens.

In book 5 paths converge, plans are put into action, romance blooms, and utter devastation reigns. This is really the only synopsis I can give without ruining the series for anyone who hasn’t read it. And if you haven’t picked up the books by now… what on earth are you waiting for!

Empire of Storm met my expectations. I expected escalating tensions, bigger bad-ass power spectacles from our key players, romance (bit on the heavy side, but again expected), and of course devastation of some sort because Maas delights in torturing us in that way.

When investing my time in a six book series like this one, I expect multiple and diverging plot lines. Empire of Storms certainly has a lot going on. I liked the beginning and I liked the end, but there was almost too much going on for me in the middle. I was invested in each plot line by themselves but until they merged at the end, the waters got a little murky for me.

At first I was surprised that Chaol wasn’t in the book at all, not that I really mind–he’s sort of bored me since book two ended (don’t kill me Team Chaol!). But to everyone who complains of his absence, think about it… literally all the plot lines merge at the end. Chaol didn’t need to be in this book because his path hasn’t crossed back in yet.

Speaking of merging plots, I loved how all of the stories became one as they reached the marshes. I’ve been waiting for these characters to meet and what a crew they make! Talk about a powerhouse of personalities. Although, can I just say how bad I feel for Aedion. All he wants to do is follow Aelin and serve her well and she never trusts him with her plans!

Now, I know a lot of people complain about Aelin and Rowan and their heavy duty romance but guys, Maas dragged out this union for more than two books! I think they are allowed to be all hot and heavy now. And it’s Maas we are talking about here, you should have known going in what you were getting yourself into. It’s the other budding romances in this book that really leave you wanting more. There is this slow burn and building desire between three couples on top of Aelin and Rowan, and they are all dynamic and interesting. And then Maas blows it all apart and we have to wait until the final book to see if our couples can reunite, work through their differences and betrayals and actually save the world. Sigh.

Empire of Storms achieved what it needed to do. It sets the stage for the final book, gives us some clarity of the bigger picture, and prepares us for hell to be unleashed. This was probably my least favorite book of the series but there has to be one right? This one gets a 3.5-4 rating from me. I can’t wait to see who survives and which couples are broken by the end.

This series invokes so many different reviews and criticisms. It get’s people talking and good or bad that’s important. I’d love to hear what you have to say and why!

That’s all for now!


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