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The Kiss Curse by Erin Sterling

The Kiss Curse by Erin Sterling is the second book in the Ex Hex series.

Gwyn Jones is perfectly content with her life in Graves Glen. She's got her mother, her powers, a successful business and she's even started mentoring young local witches in the ways of witchcraft. So what if she's mildly jealous of her cousin's whirlwind romance, relationships just aren't her thing.

Wells Penhallow come to Graves Glen, looking to redeem his families name and strengthen the families ties to the town they founded hundreds of years ago. After years of being the dutiful son in Whales, Wells is ready to find something more for himself.

When some friendly professional competition between Gwyn and Wells leaves them both hot under the collar, sparks may fly. Some sparks fly but other burn and Gwyn and Wells are in for a wild ride!

I thoroughly enjoyed The Ex Hex and The Kiss Curse was fun too. I love a little light hearted romance and witches and magic is just an added bonus.

The book did start out just a tad slow for me, and I almost wanted more of the competition between Something Wicked and Penhallow's but the angst between Gwyn and Wells worked and I loved how sincere, if dumb, Wells gets by the end.

A fun rom-com with cameos of our favorite Ex Hex characters. This one gets 4-stars from me. I hope we get more Graves Glen; I'd love to see our "werewolf" older brother end up in town too!

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