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Book Lovers by Emily Henry

Book Lovers by Emily Henry is a light, adult, romantic comedy.

Nora Stephens is a cutthroat, highly respected, literary agent. She's never been lucky in love, but it totally fine with that as long as her littler sister, Libby, is happy. Which is why she agrees to travel to Sunshine Falls, North Carolina with Libby, in the hopes of shaking off this feeling of wrongness she's been getting from her sister lately.

Libby thinks Nora needs to create her own love story, but Nora knows that she's nobody's heroine. No, Nora is more of the anti-heroine; her prince charming always seems to be after someone else. So, it doesn't surprise Nora when she runs into the handsome, yet intolerably moody editor, Charlie Lastra, who just happens to be her editorial nemesis.

When fate seems to continuously throw Charlie and Nora together, will the two be able to fight the fiery chemistry between them and remain professional? Probably not.

Man, I've gone through quite a run of rom-com, light reading romances lately. I really need to pick up something dark and gritty soon. With that being said, of course I enjoyed this book. The banter between Nora and Charlie is great and it's refreshing to have a male character, honestly enjoy, if not be turned on by a females blunt honesty.

I think I may even appreciate this book just a tad more than your everyday reader, because I used to work in publishing. I interned with an agent and I also worked as a permissions and acquisition editor at one point. So, the dynamic between Charlie and Nora.

Fun, light read, that takes place in a small town and follows two protagonists who are city dwellers to there core. This one get 4.5 stars from me.

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