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Witchshadow by Susan Dennard

Witchshadow by Susan Dennard is the fourth book in The Witchlands series.

The Witchlands are at war and no clear path to resolution seems in sight. Iseult and Safi's reunion has been cut short and now Iseult is on the run while Safi remains a prisoner without the use of her true witchery. Iseult's plans to save her threadsister depend on her mastering a dark magic she has forced down all her life

In another part of the Witchlands, Bloodwitch Aeduan is facing his own struggles with an unknown force threatening is wipe out all that he is. Queen Vivian has been force to give up her thrown and go on the run with the last person she ever expected.

Things look bleak for all of our favorite Witchland characters. Who will survive the darkness and who will be forever changed by it?

I really enjoy the world of The Witchlands. I think it is such an interesting take on witches and power, with some familiar elements but done in a new way. But boy does this book add to the structure of the world in interesting ways. There's a lot of past and lore--for lack of a better word--that develops that has only been hinted at before. And I did find myself getting a little lost here and there.

I did love Iseult's evolution in this novel. The inner conflict between right and wrong, dark and light, was a strength for me. I also liked Safi's relationship with the Hellbards and their place in the story. I did miss non-possessed Aeduan's perspective, as he and Iseult are my favorite characters and favorite ship in the series.

I will say, this is probably my least favorite of the four novels so far. And I was a little put off when I thought the series was ending. Because the ending, felt like an ultimate ending and that was disappointing because I thought there were some loose ends. But fortunately, it looks like there will be a fifth book someday. Which made me much happier.

This one gets three stars from me.

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