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Winter Glass

Winter Glass by Lexa Hillyer is the sequel and conclusion to the Spindle Fire duology.

In this one we pick up where we left off. Isbe and Aurora have been reunited and that reunion has caused a domino-like effect on the kingdom of Deluce. Aurora has been torn from her dream world, where she could talk and feel, and brought back to a world where she is but a pretty symbol. Isbe has returned from Aurbon with Prince William in toe and even though the pair share an intimacy that neither want to give up, the prince must now marry Aurora to hold the alliance.

Amidst this all is Queen Malfleur, who is turning the people into monsters and determined to get… well.. more. More power. More control. Nothing is enough for this evil queen.

And in this fairytale world, as in most, the only way out is through… Isbe and Aurora must look within themselves to face the battles ahead as well as truths neither want to face. Will Isbe and Aurora beat Malfleur or will the cost be too great?

Just like my review of the first book, there was just something missing here for me. It was an interesting fairytale retelling and I still really like this idea of fairy tithes, but it was just a book that I could finish and not think about again. Something that kept me entertained for a bit but made no real impression on me.

I was actually a bit confused by the book actually… well mostly Aurora’s story. In the first book, Heath was such an important part of her story and Wren was more of a side character for her and yet in this one the roles are completely reversed and Heath is sort of pushed to the side. Almost like the author didn’t know what to do with him outside of that fairy dream world. This bothered me.

I was also bother by the fact that it was such a big deal in the first book that William marry Aurora and he an Isbe can’t/can/can’t/can/can’t be together but in this one the obstacle again like fluffed over, just like Heath. It’s almost as if the author finished the first book and wanted to keep the same characters but also wanted to write a different story. THAT’S what this felt like to me, a different book.

Not a bad read but meh. This one gets a middle of the road 3 stars from me.

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