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Whiteout by Adriana Anders

Whiteout by Adriana Anders is an adult romance/mystery novel.

Angel Smith spent the last six months cooking in Antarctica. This was her chance to take back her life and move on from the past. But what she didn't expect, was to be attacked and left for dead on her last day on the job. When the research station is attacked, Angel and the gruff, grumpy and hottie glaciologist, Ford Cooper, narrowly escape death and capture, only to realize, they have no where to go.

Alone and underprepared, the two must work together to travel almost 500 miles, across the ice, to reach salvation. What could possibly go wrong?

On top of my usual bookish reads, I also read a lot of serials on various apps and Whiteout was actually the sequel to a prequel I read one of those apps. SO I decided to give the story a go. And it wasn't that bad. I actually enjoyed this survivalist mystery, sprinkled with a lot of angsty romance.

For me this was a pleasure read. Something fun and easy with a few sigh worthy moments. Not a whole lot happens, but then again, what do you expect when the book takes place in Antarctica, half of which is actually on the ice in the middle of nowhere.

If your into survivalist fiction with grumpy dudes who have issues, romance and women in distress who are determined to beat the odds, then this book is for you. I give it 3.5 stars.

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