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We Could Be Heroes by Mike Chen

We Could Be Heroes by Mike Chen is a standalone adult fiction novel.

Two-years ago, Jamie woke up in a bare apartment with no idea who or where he was and only a few clues to follow. That, and the ability to read and wipe other people's memories. On the other hand, Zoey woke up with nothing but a note, a dependency problem and some superman-like abilities. Jamie went the villain route, robbing banks, and Zoey decided to play the hero. When Zoey and Jamie meet at a memory-loss support group, they soon realize that they will have to rely on one another to uncover the truth of what happened to them.

As blackouts plague the city and sketchy doctors come into play, Zoey and Jamie will have to work together to uncover the truth and maybe even, save more than just themselves.

Good lord. I don't know if I just wasn't into this book or not but I had to renew it three times from the library to get through it. It was by no means a bad read but I felt like I'd read it already. The whole plot just felt done. Maybe I am just sick of adult superhero fiction.

One aspect I did like about this book, was the friendship between Zoey and Jamie. Their relationship wasn't romantic, which was refreshing. It grew organically and almost felt wholesome in a way. Jamie and Zoey helped each other to grow as well. Jamie dulled some of Zoey's edges and Zoey broke Jamie out of his shell.

The memory loss was an intriguing aspect of the book and made for an interesting storyline. I liked how Zoey and Jamie had to work together to follow the clues and we didn't really know what Jamie's roll in the whole thing was until later.

Overall, this wasn't a bad read but it just wasn't good timing for me. This one gets three stars.

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