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War Storm

War Storm by Victoria Aveyard is the fourth and final book in the Red Queen series.

War rages on all fronts; Silver against silver, silver’s against red’s, red’s and silver’s working together… Norta is a nation in pieces, chaos reigns and no one is sure what winning will look like.

Mare Barrow, a new blood with lightening in her veins, has been betrayed by yet another Calore brother. Cal has chosen his crown over her and Mare has chosen the red’s over him. And yet, the two must work together to keep Norta out of Mavin’s hands.

Written from multiple perspectives, War Storm is the conclusion to the Red Queen series and we will learn who will rise, who will fall and who will win!

I’ll admit, this is a series where I really like the first book and then just sort of found myself stuck having to finish the series. It wasn’t bad, but I just wasn’t overly impressed with it after that first one. That being said, this was a satisfying conclusion overall.

This is going to sound awful but, too many people made it out alive for such a confrontational, war-torn, battle heavy book… series. Without giving any spoilers, it just wasn’t believable to me that there wasn’t more of those shocking losses like you get in the second book. There were characters that I was just shocked to see make it out alive. Again, usually I wouldn’t say that; I don’t like my heart broken when my favorite characters die. But in this series, where death and war are so prevalent, I expected it and it was lacking.

Another criticism I have for this one is the narration. About two-thirds of this book was narrated by female protagonists and I thought this was great! I liked seeing the three women, all on different sides with different motivations, telling their piece of the story. And then all of a sudden Cal and Mavin have their own narratives. It felt very out of no where and fractured the story for me a little bit.

This series just didn’t do enough for me, but I did finish it and overall was a decent read. There are a lot of people who will love this series. For me I give this book 2.5 stars and the series as a whole about 3.

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