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Virtual Baby Storytime: 7/2/2020

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

Hello Little Babies

This is a great one for the little guys.

Hello little babies, let’s stretch up high. Stretch so high, you reach the sky. Now wave little babies and say hello. Say hello, good morning.

Well Hello Everybody

This is a good one for interacting with baby.


Well hello everybody can you touch your nose, touch your nose, touch your nose? Well hello everybody can you touch your nose, touch your nose?

Well hello everybody can you touch your toes, touch your toes, touch your toes? Well hello everybody can you touch your toes, touch your toes? (Pat your head, rub your tummy…)

BOOK – Mouse is Small by Mary Murphy (Candlewick)

The animals get bigger and bigger until……

Touch Your…

I like to turn baby toward me for this one; it makes a good lap rhyme.

Touch your nose Touch your chin That’s the way this game begins Touch your eyes Touch your knees Now pretend you’re going to sneeze! Aaachooooo! Touch your hair Touch one ear Touch your two red lips right here Touch your elbow where it ends And that’s the way this touch game ends.

Ice Cream Scoops (flannel)

This one can be done as a movement rhyme and a counting exercise.


First we need a cone, nice and crunchy. Then we need some ice cream, sweet and yummy! Scoop ‘em on. Stack ‘em up. First comes vanilla, cold and sweet. Then comes chodolate, a delicious treat. Here’s some strawberry; orange sherbert, too, A super-duper scooper cone, just for you! One scoop, two scoops, three scoops, four! We love ice cream, let’s have some more!

BOOK – Chugga Chugga Choo Choo by Emma Garcia (Boxer Books)

Who doesn’t love a good train book!

This is big, big, big

I don’t know how this one will work virtually but it’s one of my favorites to use in storytime.

This is big big big Hold (arms out to side) This is small small small (cup hands together) This is short short short (hold hands with palms facing each other) This is tall tall tall (reach one hand above head) This is fast fast fast (circle fists quickly) This is slow slow slow (circle fists slowly) This is yes yes yes (nod) This is no no no (shake head)

One Bright Scarf

I am going to tell my crew to grab their loveys or a blanket or even a washcloth or scarf if them have it and we’ll wave them around for some body part identification in this one.


One bright scarf waiting for the wind to blow (hold in hand) Wiggle it high (wiggle scarf above head) Wiggle it low (wiggle scarf by knees) Shake it fast (wiggle scarf quickly) Shake it slow (wiggle scarf slowly) Put it behind your back, Where did it go? (bring out empty hands)

BOOK – Who Says Moo? By Ruth Young (Viking)

This is an older picture book but has a great rhyme to it and should work well for a virtual storytime.

Going Up and Down in an Elevator

We use our arm muscles to lift our little ones up, up, up in this fine elevator rhyme.

Going up and down in an elevator. Up and down in an elevator. Up and down in an elevator. 1st floor. 2nd floor. 3rd floor. DOWN!

Giddy-Up, Giddy-Up


This is one of my favorite bounces for babies and it has a quick lift too.

Giddy-up, giddy up ride to town (bounce babies on knees) Giddy-up, giddy-up up and down (lift baby up and down) Giddy-up fast (bounce quickly) Giddy up slow (bounce slowly) Giddy-up, giddy-up, giddy-up, whoa! (dip baby backwards gently)

Goodbye Little Babies

I like to end and start my storytimes with similar rhymes.

Goodbye little babies, let’s touch our toes. Touch your toes, reach down low. Now wave little babies and say goodbye. Say goodbye, so long.

How’d it go:

Another virtual baby storytime in the books! I really need to find a better ice cream rhyme to go with that flannel. Mine just never really flows like I want it to. Fun was had by all!

That’s all for now!


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