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Virtual Baby Storytime - 11/17/2021: Mice

Hello Little Babies Hello little babies, let’s stretch up high. Stretch so high, you reach the sky. Now wave little babies and say hello. Say hello, good morning.

Cheek Chin Cheek, chin, cheek, chin, cheek, chin, nose. Cheek, chin, cheek, chin, cheek, chin, toes. Cheek, chin, cheek, chin, up baby goes!

American Sign Language for: MOUSE/CHEESE/CAT

BOOK – A Surprise for Tiny Mouse by Petr Horacek

Little Clapping Mouse Behind the tree * * And under the house * * There lived a teeny * * Tiny mouse * * She loved to sing * * She loved to tap * * But most of all * * She loved to clap * * She clapped all night * * She clapped all day * * She clapped to frighten * * The cat away * * * * * * * * (lots of claps)

BOOK – Red House, Tree House, Little Bitty Brown Mouse by Jane Goodwin

Boing! Boing! Squeak! Boing! Boing! Squeak! Boing! Boing! Squeak! A bouncing mouse is in my house, It’s been there for a week. It bounced from out of nowhere, Then quickly settled in. I’m grateful that it came alone, I’ve heard it has a twin. It bounces in the kitchen, It bounces in the den, It bounces through the living room — Look! There it goes again.

BOOK/PROP - White Rabbit’s Color Book by Alan Baker

  • For this one I have three flower pots (red, blue & yellow) and one clear container. My pots are the paint and the water and I tell the story using flannel or colored animals. This time I used a white mouse instead of a white rabbit to tell the story. Super cute. I really need to get a picture of it!

Slowly, slowly, very slowly Slowly, slowly, very slowly up the garden rail Slowly, slowly, very slowly creeps the garden snail Quickly, quickly, very quickly all around the house. Quickly, quickly, very quickly runs the garden mouse.

Rolling, Rolling Little Hands Rolling, rolling little hands Rolling down the street Rolling slowly Rolling faster Rolling, rolling little hands. Tapping, tapping little toes Clapping, clapping little hands Hugging, hugging little arms…hugging tight, hugging tighter

BOOK – Look Out, Mouse! by Steve Bjorkman

I Bounce You Here I bounce you here, I bounce you there I bounce you, bounce you everywhere. I tickle you here, I tickle you there I tickle you, tickle you everywhere. I hug you here, I hug you there I hug you, hug you everywhere.

See You Later Alligator See you later, alligator (Wave goodbye) In a while, crocodile Give a hug, ladybug (Hug yourself) Blow a kiss, jellyfish (Blow a kiss) See you soon, big baboon Out the door, dinosaur (March) Take care, polar bear Wave goodbye, butterfly (Wave goodbye)

How'd it go:

Easy peasy! I think everyone had fun and my timing was good. Can't wait to get back to in-person storytimes soon!

That's all for now!


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