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Upgrade by Blake Crouch

Upgrade by Blake Crouch is an adult science fiction novel.

In a future when DNA modification is highly illegal, Logan Ramsay is tasked with find those who would go against the law by changing the DNA of animals, plants, people, or worst yet, disease. Logan is good at his job but he wasn't prepared to be attacked himself.

At first, Logan seems fine--perhaps the modification didn't stick. But after a few weeks go by, he begins to notice that he is stronger, smarter, and able to disassociate his emotions from the task at hand. Because of the latter, he realizes he has to run and figure out who tried to change him and why.

Will Logan be able to maintain his humanity long enough to stop a threat that has everything to do with his family's legacy? OR will he let history repeat itself in ways more terrible than he could ever have imagined.

I generally love Blake Crouch's books, but I had a hard time with this one. I think it might have been the pacing. It seemed a little slow to me and dragged on in some parts.

As all of Crouch's science fiction does, it gets you thinking and makes you wonder "what if?" How far away are we really from successful, totally gene manipulation? And once that power is out there, how can it possibly be regulated? Scary to think about, for sure.

I did like the sibling drama of the novel. How Crouch puts Logan and his sister on opposite sides and even though their cold, new, analytical brains are telling them what to do, there is still a bond that pulls them together.

Another thing I do love about all of Crouch's books is how accessible the science is. Even if I don't understand it a 100%, I feel like I do while I am reading it. Which is nice for those of us who didn't study science but can still be immersed in the narrative.

I had to give this one three stars, only because I couldn't completely get into it. Otherwise, it was a good read and many will enjoy it.

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