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Type X

Morning Guys,

Last week I received an ARC for Type X the sequel and second book in the Project W.A.R. series by M.A. Phipps, for an honest review. 


Type X is a new adult, science fiction & fantasy novel that takes place in a dystopian society. The book picks up two years after Wynter returned to the DSD at the end of book one.

Wynter has changed; she’s become the State’s puppet and Dr. Richter’s own personal “angel of death.” Wynter is sent on mission after mission, exterminating all those who oppose the State. She is both a tool and a slave, leashed by the collar around her neck–the only thing keeping her in control of the deadly power within.

With the increasing death toll and mounting friction with Richter, Wynter’s mind starts to fracture and the humanity (and memories) she lost begins to resurface. Now Wynter must choose between regaining her humanity and a life she thought lost and preventing the destruction haunting her waking mind. Will Wynter be able to make the ultimate sacrifice or will she truly become an instrument of W.A.R.?

This book starts off with a bang. I just love dark and twisty Wynter! She’s an emotionless badass without being a archetypal character. You can tell the old Wynter is in there but much has happened to force her down.

The reunion with Ezra was also really well done in my opinion. In book one you get this whirlwind romance, built on intense situations and an instant spark. Whereas in book two we get a slower burn, a romance that needs to be rekindled and reforged. I also loved the “new” Jenner, who keeps his boyishness even though he’s been battle hardened by life.

One of the things I really like about this book, is that we get a lot more details about the State. In book one the State was typical dystopian entity that we really didn’t know much about; in Type X we get more of those details readers crave. We find out how the State was created, what it does, whose a part of it, etc. This is one thing readers of Ultraxenopia will be sure to appreciate.

Phipps has a really unique approach to this second book in the series. The pace of the book starts out fast and stays that way all while Wynter is with the DSD; it is action packed, dark and pulls the reader in. The pace then slows down just in time to give the readers what they want–background, intrigue, relationship building and more. With the pace written like this you could read the books back to back and feel like it is just one long story with ups and downs.

Overall, I really enjoyed this sequel even if the ending was evil–in a good way. Worth a read for any dystopian lover–teens and up. Type X will be officially published tomorrow!

That’s all for now!


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