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Turtle Splash!

Time for another flannel board! I really wanted to use the picturebook, Turtle Splash!

for a counting themed storytime I have coming up, but all of our copies were icky, so I decided to create my own flannel board.

At first I was going to create all ten animals to go along with my ten turtles on the log, but that is a lot of flannel… So instead I made my log, ten cute little turtles and I am going to use puppets to scare my turtles from their log.

I am going to set my flannel board next to a covered book cart and have each of my puppets pop out to scare a turtle off the log until all the turtles are in the pond. It should be lots of fun.


If you have the puppets, this is a pretty easy one to to make and if you have googly eyes, even better! Hopefully, everything goes according to plan.

That’s all for now!


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