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Tower of Dawn

Tower of Dawn by Sarah J. Maas is technically the 6th book in the Throne of Glass series, although this one follows Chaol and Nesryn as they travel to the southern continent of Antica.

We pick up this story as Chaol and Nesryn leave their ship and enter Antica’s mighty court. Their purpose in Antica is twofold–to find allies for Aelin and Dorian in the war against Morath and to gain the help of the renown healers of the Torre Cesme to heal Chaol’s shattered spine.

Chaol’s spirit has been shattered along with his ability to walk. Dependent on Nesryn and others, Chaol’s anger and despair often get the best of him. When a young healer arrives, with baggage of her own, Chaol finds himself at her mercy, a position he doesn’t necessarily mind.

Nesryn on the other-hand is awed by Antica, finally feeling a sense of belonging she never felt in Rifthold. While Chaol works with the healer and attempts to glean allies from the court, Nesryn searches for her own answers and finds an unlikely ally in one of Antica’s princes.

Can Chaol and Nesryn get what they need before it is too late? And what will it cost them in return?

I honestly had no intention of picking this one up when it was just going to be a novella. I’ve never really been team Chaol, although I do like Nesryn as a character. But once I found out that the book had been expanded and you really had to read it before the last book comes out next year, well I had to pick it up. And for those of you hesitant to read this one, yes, you will need to read it if you want to be in on all the details for the final book; there is some very vital information revealed in this one that had only been hinted at previously.

For me, this book was pretty slow. It primarily revolves around the relationship building between Chaol and Yrene, the very long healing process, and the politics of the Antica court. I did find the whole sibling rivalry of choosing an heir interesting but other than that the Chaol and Yrene chapters were basically toned down Maas romance.

Nesryn’s chapters on the other-hand were much more interesting and faster paced. I liked this subplot of hers and we actually get a lot of relevant information that will help Aelin and her crew in book 7.

This book ultimately, was OK. You have to read it but in my opinion it probably would have done better as a novella. This one gets a low three stars from me.

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