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TombQuest: Book of the Dead

TombQuest: Book of the Dead is the first book in a juvenile fiction series by Michael Northrop.

Alex is living on borrowed time. He’s a sickly kid, always in and out of the hospital, and no one really knows what’s wrong with him or how long he’s got. When all hope seems lost, desperate, Alex’s mother–a famous Egyptologist–uses a magical medallion, along with the Lost Spells of The Book of the Dead, to restore Alex’s strength and bring him back to life.

But magic always come at a cost and ancient evils have been released into the world. When Alex’s mother goes missing, Alex must take up her medallion and set things back to right. Alive, but totally confused, it is up to Alex, his best friend and an old museum curator to track down evil and get Alex’s mother back. But will they be able to put the cat back in the bag? And if so, at what cost?

I’ve been doing a bunch of reading lately, trying to get some ideas for my STEM book club, which starts up again in the fall, and I thought this might be a neat one with the potential for code breaking or some Egyptology. And while it does have lots of action and is definitely Egypt centric, it doesn’t have enough of that STEM-y goodness for me to use it for my book club.

That being said, it was a fast paced fantasy, that probably pairs really well if you are going to play the accompanying online game. As a standalone, reading for the sake of reading… it was OK. The pace was a little too quick for me. It almost felt like someone was telling me a story over the phone.

I think there is a lot of potential for the book as a series because, theoretically, the reader will uncover what is going on as the main characters do. But a taste was enough for me.  This one gets an average 3 stars from me.

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