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Three Little Kittens

Hi Guys,

This past weekend, I made some car flannels and then I made a storyboard flannel of one of my childhood favorites: The Three Little Kittens


Kittens are not easy to make!

First I made my “sad” kittens, who lost their mittens:


Then I made my mamma cat and the pie the kittens aren’t allowed to have until they find their mittens:


Finally, I made my happy kittens, who found their mittens and now can have some pie!


They are all a little funny looking but it’s a more complicated flannel. I didn’t use a pattern, so not bad for freehand if I do say so myself. Sorry about the lighting, I was losing the sun and didn’t think to turn on a light!

Cute rhyme. Cute flannels. All in all a success!

That’s all for now!


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