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The Wow Factor

Hi Guys,

So a few days ago, I was told we needed a “Wow Factor” to get people walking into the library talking about summer reading. Being the display guru of the branch, I was chosen for this task. Now I’d already decorated the Children’s Room with summer themed reading displays:


I wasn’t overly excited to do another summer reading display because it was a big task with a short deadline. But someone has to do it and it’s something I enjoy.

Our library has two entrances and we wanted something our patrons could see as they were walking into the building. I mentioned in passing–never a wise thing to do when a job needs doing–that window paint might be the quickest and easiest way to turn something out quickly. So that is what we decided to do.

            I settled on two different types of temporary window paint: basic car paint–the type kids decorate their cars with for weddings and graduation–and Crayola window paint for details.

Although my wrist was aching by the time I finished, the car window paint actually worked best. It was brighter and I could cover larger surfaces. It was also the easiest to “erase” when I made a mistake. Do be careful though, to get the brightest colors you have to squeeze while painting, which causes drips. Have a paper towel ready!

After taking care of logistics… who would clean the windows when summer was over and ensuring they wouldn’t get cleaned beforehand,  I drew out a rough plan and got to work.

Now I won’t lie, I was sooo intimidated working in this medium. I work great with cutouts and paper (check out my display page) but I don’t have the greatest freehand, so I won’t lie I moaned throughout the whole process.

For our upper level, technically the “adult” entrance, I stuck with the summer read & learn logos: 


But downstairs, the “kids” and main entrance, I played around with the sports theme: 

On the tri-set of windows I played with a stadium and football theme. Including the Teen and Adult summer reading slogans.

On the opposite side of the doorways I went with the kids slogan and baseball and basketball. These were the easiest sports I could think of to display.

Ultimately, I was really pleased with these and within minutes of finishing my colleagues told me they were already getting asked about the windows and what the decorations were for.

Now, the real test will be: will they last and how hard will they be to get off in September. I guess we will just have to wait and see if any more window painting is in my future!



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