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The Women of the Bible Speak

The Women of the Bible Speak: The Wisdom of 16 Women and Their Lessons for Today by Shannon Bream is an adult non-fiction novel.

In this book, Bream examines the lives of sixteen women who play a part in the Bible. She pairs them together, analyzing and contrasting their journeys throughout the Bible.

From Esther to Hannah, Rahab, and the many Mary's, these women had a journey to play throughout history. The author give insight and perspective into the lives of these women, while making connections to the world today.

Accompanying each of these pairings are discussion questions for further reflection and deeper understanding.

This is the year of recommendations apparently. I'll admit, I'm a bad librarian in that I hardly ever take recommendations from patrons... or really friends or even family if I am being honest. But this year, I've tried to take at least one recommendation from any one who repeatedly recommends something to me. And The Women of the Bible Speak is one that was recommended by my dad of all people. Totally, not something I would pick out for myself and not really in my go-to genre of reading.

One thing this book does right, is to shine a spotlight on the women in a book that many would consider male-centered. As it should, considering it's title. I didn't even know the Bible had that many women in it and the author is able to highlight and find meaning in each women's role.

That being said, this was an OK read for me. I didn't find it overly deep or overly inspiring. The writing is very conversational and I could see myself having a coffee chair conversation with Bream, if this were a topic I was more interested in.

I gave the book three stars because I didn't want to rate it too poorly or too highly, mostly because it just wasn't my cup of tea.

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