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The Toll

The Toll by Neal Shusterman is the final book in the Arc of a Scythe series.

It’s been three years since Endura was sunk and the world changed. Citra and Rowan have disappeared, Goddard has taken control of the Scythedom and the Thunderhead has marked the world unsavory, with the exception of Grayson Tolliver.

The world is in chaos and a way of life that has existed for hundreds of years is on the brink of collapse. When things come to a head, what will be left when the curtain closes?

The Toll was a fitting conclusion to this series. I really enjoyed the ending; I found that I was actually surprised by it and totally didn’t see it coming. I think I expected more of an epic battle between the old Scythes and the new but I was equally satisfied with where it went.

Shusterman really did a great job of creating this post-mortal world, where death is basically cured so Scythes were created to control the population. In a parallel universe, I could actually see this happening. The world building was believable.

Looking back on the entire series,  I really did love this world run by a super computer, where death is dealt by Scythes. For me, the first book in the series was much more narrow than the rest of them. This often happens in series where the scope gets larger as the series goes on. But I think Shusterman did a good job of introducing characters along the way, so we are investing in more than just Citra and Rowan.

Is it weird that the Thunderhead was my favorite character in this book?

This was a fun series that could appeal to a pretty wide audience. I give it four stars.

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