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The Queen of Nothing

The Queen of Nothing by Holly Black is the conclusion to The Folk of the Air series.

Gaining power isn’t easy and keeping it, is even harder. When Jude relinquished her hold over Cardan to become his wife and Queen of Faerie, she thought she was securing her place in the court. But when Cardan’s bargain included her exile from the Faerie realm, Jude felt betrayed and so, so angry.

Now Jude is stuck in the mortal realm, a place she never felt like she belonged. But when her twin sister begs her to switch places with her, she will risk it all to save her sister and regain her power.

But power comes at a cost. Will Jude be willing to pay the price?

This was a pretty good conclusion to a series that I really enjoyed. Like with most fantasy series, I do think the ending was a little too clean. It felt like all the build up from the previous two books, fell into neat little pieces and we were given an ending that was, for the most part predictable.

I have to say, I did like how Cardan and Jude’s relationship developed over the three books. You can see Cardan’s transformation and Jude’s, is a little more subtle but still there. I do wish there was more of a conflict with Locke and just a smidgen more building of Cardan and Jude’s feelings before the end.

Overall, this series wasn’t overly original and there were some plot points that were picked up and then sort of shuffled under the rug. But it was an enjoyable read. I couldn’t wait for each novel to come out. This is one of those stories you fall into and just have to get to the end. For that reason, it gets 4 stars from me.

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