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The Never Tilting World

The Never Tilting World by Rin Chupeco is the first book in a new fantasy series.

Seventeen years ago, the world broke. One side doomed to bitter darkness and the other to the suns ceaseless mercy. Every generation, twin goddess rule over Aeon, completing a sacred ritual, creating balance and order. Until one twin denied the ritual and the world stopped spinning.

Now one goddess and her heir rules the day and the other rules night. Each day, the Aeon dies a little more. Secrets, lies and secret shadows beckon the daughters of these rulers, Odessa and Haidee, to begin a quest to restore the world. But will the price be to high to pay?

I read Chupeco’s other series, The Bone Witch, and while it was an OK read, I didn’t feel the need to finish the series. Not so with The Never Tilting World. I really enjoyed this one and want to know what is going to happen as the series progresses. The writing style still felt familiar but I liked the parallel storylines vs the back and forth of her other series.

I don’t necessarily think I would bill is as Frozen meets Mad Max, like the publisher does–actually, I definitely wouldn’t bill it as that. This is the story of a dying world, and the people who are destined to fix or destroy it.

At first, I thought I liked one storyline over another and that actually started shifting throughout the book. One of the sisters I couldn’t stand by the end and I think you were meant to feel that way. But ultimately, Chupeco did a good job of not favoring one sister over another.

This was an interesting read and a pretty unique take on the breaking of a world. For that reason, this one gets four stars from me.

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