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The Light in the Lake

The Light in the Lake by Sarah R. Baughman is a standalone juvenile fiction novel probably best for 5-6 grade.

Imagine losing your other half. Twelve-year-old Addie was never exactly told to stay away from Maple Lake but she should want to after her twin brother, Amos, drowned while on it, less than four months ago. But even though a piece of her is missing, the lake calls to her; it’s waters are in her blood and she just can’t keep away.

So when an opportunity for her to get back on the lake as part of a Young Scientists internship, she jumps at the opportunity. Not only will it get her back to the lake she loves, but she is also hoping that it will help her investigate the clues Amos left behind about a secret creature hiding within the depths of the lake.

Along with new friend, Tai, Addie will have to find balance between the science she’s always loved and the magic of Maple Lake.

This book was one I couldn’t put down. There was a sadness to every page, even while Addie slowly comes out of the grief that has swallowed her up since her brother’s death. I wanted to keep reading, mostly because I wanted to know that Addie was going to be OK. And to have that connection with a character is just wonderful.

I was considering this book for my STEM Club and I am going to recommend it but I am not sure I will pick it as the book we read next, mostly because I try to keep the club light and I am not sure I want to go into Addie’s grief. But the science–ecology, waterways, pollution, scientific method and more–really worked well in this book. There was a really nice balance between what can be known and what can’t be–the magic and the proven.

It could be that this book spoke to me on another level because I have a twin brother, but I think is was just a great read overall. This one gets a very high 4.5 stars from me.

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