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The Last Thing He Told Me by Laura Dave

The Last Thing He Told Me by Laura Dave is a standalone adult mystery/thriller.

Protect her. That's the note Owen Michaels left for his new wife, Hannah Hall, before he vanished, leaving her to pick up the pieces after scandal hits. Immediately, Hannah knows that the "her" her husband is referring to is his sixteen-year-old daughter, Bailey.

But why would Owen leave without a trace? Even though she doesn't know much about her husband's past, Hannah knows Owen and she knows he would not leave without a damn good reason.

As the questions mount up and too many things that don't make sense keep popping up, Hannah realizes that the only way she will get answers is by finding them herself. But with every step closer Hannah gets to uncovering the truth, she brings Bailey one step closer to danger. Will the truth be worth it?

This book was chosen for my book club this month. And overall, it was a good read. I have a few gripes in terms of plot holes but otherwise it was an entertaining read. I was actually quite pleased with the ending.

That plot hole I was referring to... fairly early in the story Hannah takes Bailey to Texas for pretty much no reason whatsoever. This was such a stretch and before they had any of the leads they get once they are in Texas, that I just found it so unbelievable. This just wasn't a realistic reaction at all.

I really liked Hannah's character and her resolve the second half of the book. Even from the beginning, I appreciated that Hannah knew who she was and didn't let her relationship with Owen or Bailey influence her. She was very self aware and it was a refreshing trait to read in a female protagonist in a book like this.

Overall, this was an OK read. I wasn't wowed but it kept me entertained. This one get's 3.5 stars from me.

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