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The Last Kids on Earth

The Last Kids on Earth by Max Brallier is a basically, the walking dead for kids.

Jack Sullivan was just a normal thirteen-year-old kid before the monster apocalypse. An orphan, being bumped from foster home to foster home, but still keeping things light. Now, he is “Jack Sullivan Post-Apocalyptic Monster Slayer!” He lives in a tricked out tree house, fights zombies and photographs it all.

But it gets lonely being a solo monster slayer. Thankfully, Jack teams up with his best friend, a brainiac scientist, and a reformed bully whose basically the muscle of the group. Together they fight monsters and help Jack with his ultimate “Apocalyptic Feat” of saving June Del Toro.

Can this ragtag group of kids survive the monster apocalypse?

Last Kids on Earth is basically a humor/action/end of the world novel all put in to one. Jack’s witty, tween narrative keeps the story light and relateable even though we’re reading about people eating zombies and monsters.

It’s very accessible to those middle grade readers who like Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Big Nate. Sort of a graphic novel/chapter book hybrid. Maybe not the most well written book in the world, but I think it’s intended to be that way because it’s supposed to be a thirteen-year-old’s boys diary basically.

I actually think this would be a really fun read for children, especially boys, who are in foster care. This theme is definitely touched upon but in a way that’s upbeat. And I know grownups are going to ask about the violence but it isn’t overtly violent. Yes, they kill zombies and monsters but it’s nothing worse than you’d see on tv or in any other action book.

This is probably a solid 4th grade read. I think it’d be too easy for any higher and just a bit too much for lower. It was a quick, easy read that boys, especially, and girls would enjoy. Four stars from me.

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