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The Kingdom of Back

The Kingdom of Back by Marie Lu is a standalone fiction novel about two talented siblings.

History knows the story of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, a famous musician with a beautiful mind and a talent for composition. But what history doesn’t remember is that there were two Mozart’s with talent. This is the story of the Mozart siblings and their early childhood.

Nannerl Mozart had only one wish, to never be forgotten. But being female, she knew her road would be long and hard–even harder once her younger brother’s sharp ears and musical talents appeared.

Just as she begins to lose hope, a magical world appears to Nannerl with promises of fame and the fulfillment of her deepest desires in return for her help. Could this Kingdom of upside down trees and fairy princess actually be real and is Nannerl really willing to give what it takes to get her name in the history books?

This was an interesting read. For some, it will suck them right in and for others, it will be only so so. I walked the middle of that road; I enjoyed the story and could totally write a killer essay on it, but I wasn’t completely pulled in.

I do love that there was always this question about whether or not Nannerl was imagining the Kingdom of Back or whether or not it actually existed in the realm of the story. There is definitely a deep book discussion in there somewhere; especially in deciding what the Kingdom represents and what Nannerl was battling internally, through her trials in the Kingdom.

Ultimately, this is a story about two siblings with similar abilities and the bond they shared during a time where men and women were treated very differently. The relationship between Nanneral and Wolfgang had it’s ups and downs throughout the story and that, against this other world, made for an interesting take for a work of historical fiction.

This one gets 4 stars from me.

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