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The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn Barnes is a Young Adult fiction novel full of secret compartments, word play and rages to riches drama.

Avery's only goal is to get through high school, go to college and get a job where she can provide for herself. In the meantime, she tries to keep to herself and protect her half-sister and only family, Libby. But all that changes when she jumps on a plane to Texas for the reading of a strangers will and finds out she is a multi-billionaire.

But, the money comes with a few stipulations. She must live in Hawthorne house for one-year and put up with the strange and cunning Hawthorne family. Avery has no idea what her connection to this family is but she is determined to find out. And so, the game begins.

What was Tobias Hawthorne hiding? Why would he cut his family out of his will? And can Avery survive the year living in the same mansion as the four Hawthorne grandsons?

I got totally sucked in to this one. I listened to the audio book and it was really well done. I like that Avery is a strong female character but that she also knows how to "play the game" in order to get what she wants. The push and pull between the Hawthorne brothers ups the stakes and helps to build some much needed tension.

The brother's brotherly beat downs, banter and loyalty was what really made the story for me. Yes, the whole Grayson and Jamieson triangle got a little old--especially Jamieson--but I loved Nash and Zander and how each have their own part to play in Avery's new world. Libby was also a favorite side character of mine.

Sidebar--did it bother anyone else that we never found out what her test score was on that make-up physics test!?

This book just did it for me. I liked it and I was super excited to find out that the second book in the triology is already out. This one gets as close to a fiver as you can get. Fingers crossed we don't get second book syndrome in The Hawthorne Legacy.

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