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The Hippo at the End of the Hall

The Hippo at the End of the Hall by Helen Cooper is a standalone juvenile fiction book for around 4th graders.

Imagine receiving an invitation to a mysterious museum, hand delivered by bees. Would you be intrigued? Ben jumped at the chance to visit this museum, not only because of the intrigue but also because it is tied to a very fuzzy childhood memory he has of his father.

When Ben visits this museum, he is surprised to find and old, almost run down building full of strange and wonderful exhibits. What is even more surprising, is that many of the stuffed creature talk to Ben and they need his help.

Will Ben find out the truth about his past and will he be able to save the museum from those who wish it harm.

This was a really great story and would make a wonderful read aloud for a caregiver to read with their child. As a read alone, I’d probably recommend it for a fourth grader but as a read aloud, anywhere from 2nd to 5th grade.

The book is magical in all the right ways and has a lot of heart. The Gee Museum is definitely one any child, or adult for that matter, would want to explore. One of the things I really liked about this book was how Ben starts off on this adventure on his own, but slowly he gains allies, both magical and parental in the form of his elderly cousin and even his mom. I just loved how his mother comes around to Ben’s story and I think that’s part of what makes me think it would be such a great read aloud.

The illustrations sprinkled throughout make for a great addition to the text and I’d highly recommend this book. This one gets 5 stars from me.

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