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The Hawthorne Legacy by Jennifer Lyyn Barnes

The Hawthorne Legacy by Jennifer Lyyn Barnes is the second book in The Inheritance Games series.

"Why kill two birds with one stone when you can kill twelve." That was one of the late Tobias Hawthorne's favorite sayings and for Avery Grambs, this couldn't be more true. Just when she thought she was going to uncover the reason why Tobias Hawthorne left her his fortune, she is hit with another mystery and one that hits even closer to home.

As Avery falls deeper down the rabbit hole with the irresistible Hawthorne grandsons, Grayson and Jameson, she realizes that some secrets are more dangerous than they seem. But Avery was never one to give up on a riddle and she isn't about to give up on the biggest one yet.

Yes, I jumped straight from book 1 to book 2 and now I have to wait for book 3--sigh. That being said, book two didn't impress me quite as much as book one. Truthfully, I really was hoping this one was going to have more Zander and Nash in it. I almost wanted each book to feature a different set of Hawthorne's.

I did very much enjoy the mystery and puzzles here and we do seem to get a lot of answers about Avery and the why behind her choosing, but the whole Grayson and Jameson triangle bothered me a little. I really wanted more of the mystery and less of the love drama. That being said, I did not expect that conclusion.

It'll be interesting to find out what the mystery is going to be in book three and how the author ties it to the previous novels. This one gets 3.5 stars from me.

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