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The God of Lost Words by A.J. Hackwith

The God of Lost Words by A.J. Hackwith is the last book in the Hell's Library series.

The Library of the Unwritten is in danger once again and this time, there may be no way to save it.

Former librarian Claire, "not a book" Hero, fallen angel Rami and disgraced muse turn librarian Brevity, have uncovered the secret of the Library and now, literal Hell is breaking loose. To save the Library the four of them must work together to find three things: a realm, a guardian and a God. But finding these things isn't going to be easy. Can our band of protagonists bring all the wings of the Library together and do what they must to save it?

What a wonderful conclusion to a fantastic series. I loved the Hell's Library series. It is a perfect series for both book and fantasy lovers. There's action, books, a little bit of romance, books, mystery, books, and did I mention books?

I love the relationships these characters forge. Claire is resilient, vicious and smart. Hero is cheeky and sincere. Rami is stoic and deep. And Brevity, well, she's a little bit of light in the dark. I do think Claire, Hero and Rami were the stars of this last book, however. Brevity didn't take the spotlight as much as the others did. Then again, I'd argue that much of her growth had already happened before the end.

The library itself is just amazing. It's one of those fictional worlds you'd love to spend an hour in. Oh and that ending! The journey each of the characters goes through is great and lends to their character development, but it's not just that. The ending is both an emotional and philosophical journey and extremely satisfying.

I just couldn't wait to finish this one and I am so glad with how it all turned out. This one gets 5 stars from me.

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