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The Girl and the Stars

The Girl and the Stars by Mark Lawrence is the first book in a new fantasy trilogy that takes place in a familiar world.

Somewhere on the ice, is a hole for broken children. On Abeth, survival depends on the group as a whole and even then, only the strong survive. To survive on the ice, one must be made of tougher stuff and those who can’t cut it must be culled for the survival of all.

Yaz knows that she falls into this category of the weak, the broken. The day she has dreaded all her life as finally arrived; the day of her judgement, the day she would be deemed broken and thrown down the hole for broken children. But when Yaz’s little brother is thrown down first, she does the unthinkable… she jumps.

Will Yaz be able to survive in a world of darkness and terror?

I loved Lawrence’s Red Sister series, so the fact that this series takes place in the same world, but in a totally different area, was an extra bonus for me. And this one didn’t disappoint.

That being said, there was a different vibe to this book then the Red Sister books. There were things we, as the reader, were in on that Yaz didn’t know because we read the other series. And yet, there are still a lot of unknowns–a lot of things that don’t add up based on what we do know. So there was this feeling of discovery as you read and I, for one, was left with even more questions.

I did really enjoy seeing the world outside of the “greenbelt” and learning more about the ice and the tribes. But I couldn’t really get into Yaz as a character. She didn’t pull me in like Nona did in the other series. Perhaps because we don’t witness her childhood and early struggles. But Yaz, as a person, is still a mystery to me; which is unfortunate because a big thing about her is that she wants to forge her own path and be an individual but we don’t see the pieces of her yet, other than her abilities and sense of duty.

Overall, I am excited to continue this series and to be back in the world of Abeth. This one gets 3.5 stars from me.

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