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The Girl and the Moon by Mark Lawrence

The Girl and the Moon by Mark Lawrence is the final book in the Book of Ice series.

Yaz and her friends have finally made it to the Green Belt, a world of trees and warmth and so many people. It is almost too much to take it all in. Especially, when the forces hunting them on the ice have followed them to the Corridor and is seeking use Yaz and kill her friends.

But Yaz hasn't come all this way just to be a puppet in a long dead beings show. She has a job to do and she will get it done, even if it kills her.

First, let me start off by saying that I do really love this world Lawrence has created. I loved the Red Sister series and I love that we are getting a glimpse of a time before that series takes place, especially some of the connections that are directly related to the Red Sister time storyline. BUT, this last book dragged for me and I found myself losing interest in the story.

Now, not all stories have clean and satisfying endings. Some have holes and some are purposely meant to leave you in the dark. But this one, had a fairly complete ending but it still wasn't overly satisfying to me. Without giving anything away, the jumping around from one place to another, felt so far out of the realm of the story that I either had trouble following, or just wasn't paying very good attention.

I'm glad I stuck with the series and finished it, just for the fact that I enjoyed getting lost in this world. This one gets 3ish stars from me.

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