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The First Day of Winter

I decided I would make a magnet board for Denise Fleming’s The First Day of Winter and boy did this take more time then I thought it would.


I basically hand drew each of the 10 items:

Red hat with a gold snap, two blue mittens, three scarves, four prickly pinecones, five birdseed pockets, six tiny twigs, seven maple leaves, eight orange candies, nine big black buttons and ten roasted peanuts.

Then I laminated everything and stuck magnets on the back on them.

Went I tested them out on my snowman, I realized that anywhere there were magnets on the snowman’s body, my pieces would stay stuck. SO when I use this for storytime, I am going to draw my snowman on the white board and just use the pieces to tell the story.

I am also going to attempt to sing the story to the tune of: The Twelve Days of Christmas.

Honestly, if I can get through it without dying laughing, I’ll deem it a success. HA!

That’s all for now!


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