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The Final Gambit by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

The Final Gambit by Jennifer Lynn Barnes is the final book in The Inheritance Games series.

Avery Kylie Grambs is mere weeks away from inheriting a fortune. She's made it almost a full year at Hawthorne House, solved two of the Old Man's puzzles and almost feels settled... almost.

As the clock ticks down, Avery realizes there's one more puzzle, more more secret to solve and this secret could just ruin everyone and everything. With everything at stake, Avery will need to use everyone and every tool at her disposal. But, with everything on the line, will everyone make it out intact?

Oh this was the month of final book in the series releases and The Final Gambit was another one I was patiently waiting for. Though I wasn't quite as rapt as I was with the first two books in the series, I was overall, quite satisfied with this book. I enjoyed the ending and how each of the Hawthorne's ended their story and the mystery was a mystery. There were a few loose ends, I might have liked a little closure on, but nothing that tarnished the book for me.

I think the only thing that got a little old for me was the whole Jameson insecurity and Grayson self loathing saga. I feel like we had enough of this in the first two books. And though I might be in the minority here, I am thoroughly satisfied with Avery's choice of beau. I also LOVED that we got more Nash and Xander. Those two were my favorite Hawthorne boys, for sure!

Overall, this was a great series. I love a good puzzle and this one was chock full of them! This one just about squeaks out four stars; series as a whole, gets 4 solid stars.

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