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The Endless Beach

The Endless Beach by Jenny Colgan is a Summer Seaside Kitchen book set on northern Scotland on a small island.

When Flora MacKenzie left her not-always-so glamourous life in London to return home the Mure, a small Sottish island, she didn’t realize how much peace she would find. Now, if only her American boyfriend could get his act together and open up, everything would be perfect.

Magical whale sightings, local community, scenery and a sense of belonging lull Flora into complacency. When superstition and terrible omens rear their heads, Flora will realize that the peace she’s found could easily be snatched away.

The Endless Beach is a chance for the reader to get back to Mure and fall back into the lives of the character’s they fell in love with in The Café by the Sea.

Well this was no Bookshop on the Corner or The Café by the Sea. It was the fluff, easy reading pick-me-up (sort of) that I wanted and in that it achieved it’s goal. I just didn’t feel as connected to the characters as I did in Colgan’s other books. The whole Joel, Flora back and forth was a bit annoying, although it was interesting to get into Joel’s head a little.

It also just ended. Yes, Flora and Joel’s story wrapped up nice and tidy but everyone else’s were just kind of left hanging. I mean what about Flinton? What about Sarif and Lorna? I almost wonder if Colgan plans on coming back to these characters; if she can’t let them go. I really don’t need another book set on Mure–give me a new story with new characters–but I wouldn’t mind getting a <100 novella to wrap up these other two stories.

Overall, this was an OK read. It didn’t impress me but I wasn’t bored. This one gets 3 stars from me.

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