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The Demon Tide by Laurie Forest

The Demon Tide by Laurie Forest is a YA/Adult fiction novel and the third in The Black Witch Chronicles.

Now exposed as the Black Witch of Prophecy, Elloren Gargner Grey is on the run from friends and foes alike. No where is safe and with her fast mate, Lukas Gray, dead or captured, she isn't sure where to turn. Meanwhile, High Mage Vogel, is determined to crush the Eastern Realm, where all of Elloren's family and closest allies are prepared to make their final stand.

War is coming and in this fight, even love might have to pick a side.

Man, do these books remind me of Sarah Maas' series. They get bigger and bigger and bigger with each book. This isn't always a bad thing but sometimes, I feel like this can make a book feel a bit fractured. The Demon Tide has so many narratives that I miss the tight knit group from the first book in the series.

Also, I am pretty sure the series has devolved into coupling. Everyone is a couple and the coupling overshadows a lot of the story, in my opinion.

Oh, and we get this epic battle, which seems like it could very well just end everything right there... and be mostly satisfying with a nice little epilogue. But nope. Instead we get a whole extension of the plot-line with even more branches stemming from the middle.

I sort of feel like I am bashing the book, but it wasn't bad. It just is a big investment taking on this series. I'm really interested in seeing how Forest will possibly wrap this up.

This one gets 3 stars from me.

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