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The Butterfly Girl

The Butterfly Girl by Rene Denfeld is the sequel to The Child Finder.

After years of being unable to remember anything about her childhood abduction and trauma, the child finder–Naomi–has finally remembered one thing, that she left her little sister behind. Now Naomi will stop at nothing to find her sister.

The search leads her to Portland, Oregon where homeless street children roam the streets just hoping to survive. But these same children are disappearing and Naomi can’t help wanting to help them, especially a young girl named Celia. Naomi promised herself she wouldn’t take another case until her sister was found but what happens when the case finds her?

I just love the way Rene Denfeld writes. She injects truly terrible situations and plots with this magical element. Her characters find ways to survive, whether it be butterflies, little people or mythical prisons. They create a way to escape the bad, to come through it, scars and all, still intact. I’ve always wondered what it takes for an author to inject both the horrible and the hopeful into their novels.

The Butterfly Girls had a different feel to me than The Child Finder. Same characters, a continuation of the original story but there was something different about it. In the first book Naomi is the confident, solitary creature who is unable to remember a past that she doesn’t even know if she wants to remember. But in this one, she has a husband, a friend, she cares in a more personal way than she did before. And she has this one memory, more of a feeling from her past and the sense of urgency is there.

I’m not sure if there will be any more Naomi Cottle books because this one wrapped up her story nicely but Naomi is a complex character and I wouldn’t mind seeing more of her. This one gets 4 high stars from me.

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