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The Burning Page

Hi Guys,

Oh yes. It’s here. The new Invisible Library by Genevieve Cogman. And YES, I got my friend to send me the pretty version from the UK because the American cover is just not as impressive.

The Burning Page by Genevieve Cogman takes us back into the world of The Invisible Library with it’s bad-ass librarians, dragons, fae and Holmes-esq detectives. Irene, Kai and Val are back from their adventures in a high-chaos world and now they must deal with the consequences. Irene is on probation at the library, getting the worst missions; Kai’s pride is hurt and he is on edge and over protective of Irene; and Val’s nature is being threatened by chaos and no one knows how to help him.

What’s worse, Alberich is back and his threats against the library may just succeed. Now Irene must figure out a way to save the library, save her friends and her own life. All in a days work right?

Can Irene face an avalanche of problems? Will betrayal break her? And will she be able to stop Alberich once and for all and save the library?

I just love this series. It’s got all my favorite fantasy elements and there’s lots of action and interesting characters. This is one of those books where you are in it for the long hall no matter what happens.

In The Burning Page we learn more about the library itself and we get to see some of the politics going on behind the scenes. There are also many hints toward future mutiny. I feel like we get a better grasp on Alberich and the difference between order and chaos and where humans, dragons and fae fit in.

Cogman has created this plot where good world building is a must because in each book we visit many alternate worlds. Each alternate can be majorly different or it can have small changes and yet, you know you are in a completely different place. I just loved the dark, twisted world she created for the final battle scene in this book.

The characters have such an interesting dynamic. Between Val, Irene and Kai there’s trust and mistrust, loyalty and a higher good, there’s attraction, humor and so much more that keeps this trio interesting. Although, I feel like we are heading toward an awkward love triangle and I’m not sure how I feel about that. And poor Irene, she needs to get over how (I’m paraphrasing here) “striking Kai is in rags and how he can make anything look good because he’s an aristocrat through and through and she’s a mousy nobody.” Irene’s internal dialog about this happens just one too many times for me in this one.

Overall, this was a great read and I will continue to be a die-hard fan of this series. It’s fun, there’s a bit of mystery, action and adventure… what more can you ask for? A good read. So hop on The Invisible Library train and enjoy the ride!

That’s all for now!


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