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Supernova by Marissa Meyer is the conclusion to the Renegades series.

Things are about to change in Gatlon City. Nova and Adrienne are losing control of the lies and omissions that keep their identities a secret and if the truth comes out more than just hearts will be broken.

Tides are turning as old enemies resurface. Can Nova and Adrienne put aside their difference to fight for the ones they love? Or will fear win out and trouble win the day?

One thing I will say about the conclusion to this series is that it didn’t beat around the bush. I kept waiting for some time machine prodigy to appear and turn the clocks back because there was no way Meyer was going to wrap this up with all the destruction. The final battle was over two hours of listening time! I couldn’t believe it and yet, the ending worked. The epilogue felt a little forced to me and I sort of would have liked to been kept guessing about the future, but not horrible.

One of the things I liked about this series was that the good guys weren’t all good and the bad guys weren’t all bad. There was a lot of politics and fractured beliefs that went in to making a villain or a superhero. Life isn’t black or white, so why should superheroes and villains be?

I also liked that this book brought another element to the story in the case of the star dust. This isn’t a book where people have superpowers just because, Meyer infused a theory, which become relevant to the final plot. You don’t see much of it until book three but hints are there if you look hard.

Ultimately, this was a good series. I wasn’t wowed by it but I did enjoy it a lot. And for that reason it gets 4 stars from me.

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