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Superhero Photo Booth

Hi Guys,

Obviously, I’ve been MIA lately and will probably be a sporadic poster for the few weeks. We just welcomed a new addition to our family, so posting has taken a back burner. That being said, I’ve scheduled a few posts for the upcoming weeks.

Before I went on maternity leave at work, I organized a few programs for the library. The first is a superhero photo booth. Our library system is holding it’s second annual library con in January and all the branches are doing lead up events. Because I won’t be there to run it, I decided to organize a really easy, but FUN, passive program.

Basically, we reserved one of our small collaboration rooms for a weekend and set up the program as a drop-in, so anyone can drop in to the photo booth all day long. We ordered two superhero

backdrops to hang on either side of the room. Then I got busy with the props.

A lot of the props I made myself using superhero mask templates from online. I printed them, cut them out, laminated them to make them more sturdy and attached them to chopsticks. There are a ton of templates online, Pinterest superhero photo booth and you’ll find a bunch of printables.


I also printed out some word bubbles and superhero logos and put them on popsical sticks too.

Other than the backdrops the only thing I bought was a few generic capes from the dollar store in a variety of colors that would fit both adults and children.

Finally, I am having volunteers make a few fun props. Thor’s hammer. A big fake boulder. A “1,000” weight set.

Once everything is put together, you will want to have a volunteer in the room to make sure none of the props walk off.

I can’t wait to see how everything turns out. Hopefully, me and the little one can take a trip to the library that weekend and see how everything came out.

That’s all for now!


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