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STEM Station

We attempt to always have a STEM station in our library. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. These stations are basically small educational activities to teach the kids about some concept. We’ve had one on magnets and we had a magnet board where the kids could test what was magnetic and what wasn’t. Fun things like that.

I wanted to make a STEM station that would go with our space theme this year and I had this grand idea to make sensory bags that the kids could draw constellations on. We have constellation cards that have facts about the constellations on them but can also be used as models for drawing.


To make my sensory bags, I used colored hair gel and star shaped glitter. I also made one using the pre-soaked water beads so they sort of look like sprinkles. I used gallon zip lock bags and then doubled up the bags, taping them to our STEM station. I figured they would last a few weeks and then I would replace them.

THEY ONLY LASTED A DAY! Sigh. We have a really busy library in the summer and the abuse these things took in the first day was epic. Oh well. Perhaps I will use my supplies to make sensory bags for my baby storytimes.

On to idea number 2:


I thought it would be neat for the kids to draw the constellations on mermaid fabric. This will, hopefully, last longer and I bought a full yard, so I can always replace after a while. I stole my husbands trusty staple gone and just stapled the heck out of it. So far it has been a big hit!

If anyone has any other ideas that will hold up to the masses, let me know!

That’s all for now!


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