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Sensory Bags

Hi Guys,

I had some leftover supplies from a few other programs and decided that I would make some sensory bags for my baby storytime this week.

I made a few different ones. The first two with colored hair gel and glitter.


The next with colored hair gel, glitter and pony beads. The fourth with random beads and objects I had lying around. Marbles, pennies, wooden creatures. 


And finally, I made two bags using water beads. These were the fan favorite!


I secured these items in gallon ziplock bags, which I then sealed with clear packing tape. I wrapped the whole thing in packing tape since I knew they’d go through a lot of hands. These really are only good for one or two uses, but they are very easy to make with supplies you can get from the dollar store.

I introduced these at the end of my storytime and let the babies play with them for a little while. They were a hit with my crew and a great craft for the parents to do themselves.

That’s all for now!


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