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Scouts by Shannon Greenland is a juvenile fiction book for 4-6th graders.

Annie, Beans, Rocky, and Fynn make up the Scouts. A name they gave themselves when they were little. They’ve been best friends for a long time, doing everything together. Hiking, biking and most of all getting in trouble.

But things are different this summer, and Annie isn’t so sure the Scouts will make it to seventh grade in tact. Trying to get back that feeling a rightness, Annie and the Scouts climb Old Man Basinger’s silo to watch a meteor shower. When one of the meteors seem to crash nearby, the Scouts are determined to track it down.

But this will be easier said than done. After their campsite is invaded by a bear, they fall into a river and are kidnapped by the Mason Mountain Clan, the gang is starting to fight more than ever. Will anything be the same after this trip? Will the even survive?

This was a fun read. I always pick up new books that might work for my book club and although I’m not sure this one has enough STEM in it for my purposes, it would definitely be one I’d recommend to that 4-6 grade range.

Scouts is about growing up and how the dynamic changes between, not just boys and girls, but friendships in general. As an adult, I can definitely look back and pick out a few super close friends that I lost touch with as the years went by. This book addresses that in a positive light, showing that change is good but that not everything has to change.

All of the Scouts were relateable in some way, which is one thing the story has in its favor. I liked that you could put yourself in each of their shoes and learn something different.

Overall, this is a title I would recommend to my young patrons. This one gets 4 stars from me.

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