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Rebel Born

Rebel Born by Amy A. Bartol is the conclusion to the Secondborn trilogy.

Roselle St. Sismode has been a secondborn soldier, a first book sword, a spy, a tool, a threat and so much more. But when her mind is stolen by a sadistic madman, Roselle will face her fiercest battle yet.

When the secondborn trials are attacked by mind controlled minions, Roselle is captured and is at the mercy of Agent Crow and census. He intends to give Roselle an implant which will give him full control over her body and mind. Instead a rouge scientist implants highly advanced technology, making Roselle a being to be reckoned with. But will her new found powers be enough to fight an entity that has no weakness?

Did that summary sound disjointed and totally random to you? Oh, it did? Well that’s sort of how I felt about this conclusion to the Secondborn series. This wasn’t really my favorite series to begin with but I stuck with it because it was entertaining enough and I wanted to see where it was going. And I don’t quite know how we got… here.

This story started out being about a society where births are regulated and people are put into castes based on the order of their birth. The first and second book seemed to be heading toward rebellion and justice. Then…. we get dragon/human hybrids, gods and goddesses, AI super mind control and alternate worlds. This just came totally out of left field. Yes, the society had a religion that included gods and goddesses but nothing that would really explain this and no connection to this super computerized world we jump into.

And then the ending. Let’s introduce all the monsters and higher beings, set up another revolution and then end it with everyone living happily ever after. I just can’t get past this. It almost felt like giving up on the story.

Wow this review was really harsh. There were just some things that really bugged me here. This one gets a low 2 stars from me.

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