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Pipe-Cleaner Beaded Butterflies

For Spring Break, I decided to run a drop-in craft where I would have all of the supplies and directions out, and anyone could come and do the craft. After trolling pinterest for ideas, I ended up creating some fun pipe-cleaner beaded butterflies.

Step 1: Take three pipe cleaners.

Step 2: Cut one of your pipe cleaners in half.

Step 3: Bend your pipe cleaner in half and curl the edges for your antennae. Put aside for later.

Step 4: String beads onto your two remaining pipe cleaners in whatever pattern you wish. Leave about 1-inch of space on either end.

Step 5: Take one of your beaded pipe cleaners and connect the ends by wrapping the ends together.

Step 6: Separate your beads so that you have a space between the two sides.

Step 7: Twist your open areas together to make a figure 8.

Step 8: Slip the middle of your figure 8 into the mouth of your clothes pin, so you have a wing on either side. Step 9: Do the same with your other beaded pipe cleaner.

Step 10: Add your antennae by inserting it into the top of the clothes pin, just like your wings. Decorate your clothes pin however you want.

Ta-da! You’ve created a beautiful butterfly!

How'd it go:

We had a volunteer hang in the space to keep the supplies neat and advise when needed and I think that was a really smart idea.

That's all for now!


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