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New Years Eve Countdown Ball Craft

Hi Guys,

Another program I planned to be executed while I am on maternity leave is a New Years


JDaniels’s Mom.

Basically, this is a really easy drop-in craft for the kids to do sometime before New Years Eve.

You will need:

  1. Scissors (a razor blade works better if you have an adult wielding it)

  2. Paper plate

  3. Strips of paper (8” x 14” works best)

  4. And whatever decorating tools you want to use… glitter glue, markers, foam stickers, etc.

Take your paper plate and cut two slits in the middle of the plate–about an inch wide and an inch apart.

Cut a strip of colored paper and number down from 12. If you don’t think you can eyeball it, use a ruler to evenly mark the numbers.


Then get creative and decorate your plate!


Finally, slide your numbers through each of the slits so that one is always showing.


Ta da!

That’s all for now!


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