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Mr. Impossible

Mr. Impossible by Maggie Stiefvater is the second book in the Dreamer triology.

The race is on. Will the world end or will we see the end of the dreamer and their dreams?

After a destructive and deadly ending to book one, Ronan, Hennessy, and Bryde are back and they are determined to strengthen the ley lines in order to help the dreamers. But the very help they are looking to give may just doom them all. On their tales are the Moderators, who will stop at nothing to eradicate all dreamers and their dreams.

But as the stakes get higher, tensions rise and the pressure becomes to much. Who will break and who will fall? And when the dust settles, will there be anything left to save?

For me, this book felt very much like an interlude. Almost as if, we were getting the facts and behind the scenes “stuff” that you often infer in stories but don’t get to see. But, it felt like we were missing the flow of the story. At least that is how I felt and I know, for many, I will be the minority.

There was a lot going for the Lynch brothers but where was Adam? He had a much bigger part in the first book, but seemed like more of an afterthought in the second. And I know we are going to get a lot of him in the third book, but still.

The story picks up fast toward the end and the reveals smack you in the face one after another, after another. So we are really going to get into it in the final book.

I have to give this one 3.5 mostly for second book syndrome, which most trilogies have.

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