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Minute To Win-It!

Hi Guys,

Today was an early release day for our local schools. For the most part, whenever our schools get out early or have a day off, we like to do a no school activity for them. It could be a Lego play, a movie or some other hour long craft or activity.

For this early release day, I decided to create five mini Minute to Win-It stations. What is Minute to Win-It you ask? Literally none of my colleague knew what this was so let me tell you….

Minute to Win-It was a TV show that was eventually adapted as board and card games. Basically, you and your family or friends would compete in mini 1 minute challenges or a who can do something first type challenge. One you guys might be familiar with is–who can get the cookie from their forehead into their mouth first, just using their facial muscles.

Anyyyyway…. if you don’t know it look it up.

So for my program, I created five Minute to Win-It stations.


These were really easy stations that I was able to create using random supplies we had in our supply closet.

Each station has it’s own timer and were basically self led. You could do them in whatever order you want and as many times as you wanted. I also put out some Duplo blocks for any younger siblings that showed up.

We didn’t have a large crowd but those who did come seemed to enjoy challenging each other. Even the grow-ups participated and challenged their kids.

Something different any easy to put together.

That’s all for now!


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