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May The Fourth Be With You – Scavenger Hunt

Hi Guys,

You all know I love a good scavenger hunt. Takes very little prep, requires very little supervision and makes many, many kiddies happy! So obviously, I had to plan one for Star Wars Day.

May The Fourth or Star Wars Day is a day to celebrate all things Star Wars. Watch the movie, read the books, play with action figures–if it has anything to do with the mega-movie franchise, you’re on target!

To start, I found some cute characters online:


Then I set up my hunt. For this scavenger hunt, I set it up like Yoda was asking for help. Thought it would give the hunt a fun little edge. I printed the document on half sheets to save paper.


On the day of, we “hid” the eight characters throughout the children’s room. The hunt was run by the honor system, so the kids just come up and tell us when they found them all. They’re usually pretty honest.

Once they found all the characters they come back to the desk for a prize. Because I pulled this all together fairly last minute, we recycled old giveaways that we had extras from. The prizes weren’t Star Wars themed but hey, a prize is a prize right!

A few tips…

Place your characters within eye-sight of the younger ones but not low enough for them to grab. I have had too many hunt items go missing because the kids think they need to retrieve the pictures.

Have pencils ready because the kids like to mark off when they find something.

Finally, help guide the kids to pick a prize. Don’t just let them riffle through your whole prize chest. Disaster will ensue.

Easy-peasy! I created this scavenger hunt but didn’t actually run it. But I wanted to get the post out on Star Wars Day, soooo yea. I am looking forward to seeing how it went tomorrow!

Enjoy and…



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