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Make Your Own Shark Suncatcher!

Supplies in kit: Tissue Paper (multi), Contact Paper (1), Black Paper (1), Fish and Circle Silhouette Templates

Supplies from home: Scissors & Glue Stick.


1. Take your black paper and circle template and place the circle template overtop of the black paper. Cut along the dotted lines until you have a circle with the center cut out.

2. Pick two of your favorite ocean themed silhouettes and cut them out.

3. Take the tissue paper and cut out random shapes. Get creative!

4. Remove the top layer of your contact paper and place it sticky side up on a flat surface. Start adding your cut-up tissue paper pieces to the contact paper. The tissue paper should stick to the contact paper. You may also use a glue stick, if you feel you need it.

5. Take your black circle ring and place it on top of the paper. If there isn’t enough sticky left from the contact paper, use the glue stick to attach. Use glue to attach your sharks to your tissue paper ocean background.

6. Cut around the black circle so that you have clean lines. Hang on any sunny window and check out your awesome, ocean themed suncatcher!

Didn’t get a take-and-make bag or want to do this craft again?

Don’t worry, you can easily adapt this program using press-n-seal wax paper and supplies you have at home!


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