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Love on the Brain by Ali Hazelwood

Love on the Brain by Ali Hazelwood is an adult standalone, nerdy rom-com.

Bee Königswasser has been having a rough go of it over the past few years. Her ex-fiancé was a scumbag, her career seems to have stalled and if it weren't for Marie Curie, she'd be lost. So, when she is offered the chance of a lifetime to work on a NASA/NIH project, she jumps at the chance... even if it means being co-lead with her nemesis, Levi Ward.

Packing up to spend 3 months in Texas with the man of her nightmares will be worth it if Bee can finally make a name for herself in her field. But when equipment never arrives, doors are locked, and red tape seems to be stalling her at every step, Bee begins to wonder if her archenemy may be behind what is looking to be the final downfall of her career.

Could Levi be sabotaging her? Or, could he secretly be ally she's always wanted?

I have to admit, reading some of the reviews, I was entirely prepared to be reading a carbon copy of The Love Hypothesis. And, don't get me wrong, the structure of the book is verrrry familiar. Guy loves girl at first sight, girl thinks guy hates her, misunderstandings ensue, yada yada---your elements of a basic rom com. BUT, I think Love on the Brain was different enough to be an enjoyable read and I don't really get all the super harsh criticism.

I found this to be a light, romantic comedy. Levi and Bee played very well off of each other and I liked that he was always trying to help her and was willing to take no for an answer, every time. I did like the whole Twitter connection between the two and Bee's obsession with Marie Curie.

I don't really have a whole ton to say about the book because it was exactly what I was expecting--light, with a few laughs, a few fumbles and some romance. This one gets 4 stars from me.

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